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      I am a health and healing enthusiast and have become that way through the birth of my children. 

I have 3 children and I had my placenta encapsulated after my last two children. I will be honest, I thought the idea of it was gross at first. However, once I discovered the benefits and that it looked just like any other pill, I realized that it was not that gross.

      With my first son, I had the "baby blues" - I would sit at the kitchen table for dinner and instead of eating I would just cry. It was horrible. So, with my second baby, I decided it couldn't hurt anything to give placenta encapsulation a try. I am really glad I did!

     I didn't suffer any "baby blues", and I felt I had more energy, even with more children to run after. That is when I became passionate about helping other women understand the benefits of placental encapsulation, plus offering the service of encapsulating it for them.


It is simply a pill, and the benefits I have seen are totally worth it!


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