Nettle Leaf

Nettle contains: Chlorine, chloropyll, formic acid, iodine, magnesium, potassium, silicon and calcium, sodium, sulfur, tannin, Vitamin A, C and K, proteins, iron, copper, histamine, gluoquinne and facilitates absorption of Vitamin D from the Sun


Nettle is a gentle yet powerful tonic to the adrenals and is capable of rebuilding the adrenal cortex.


It has been used with great success in the treatment of adrenal exhaustion.


Extremely High in calcium, and its elemental equal, silicon, Nettle helps diminish leg cramps and pain throughout the body; before, during and after birth. 


It is an excellent promoter of abundant breast milk. 


Nettle helps improve the general immune function, increasing the resistance to illnesses caused by bacteria and viruses, especially important during pregnancy.


With its unique blend of nutrients, Nettle stabilizes blood sugar, strengthing the nervous system and reducing headaches.


By improving nerve signal to muscles, Nettle helps increase muscle response time, reducing incidences of postpartum hemorrhage.


Improving the skin's elasticity it helps prevent the tearing of vaginal tissue


Nettle is a premier addition in all fertility formulas.


Nettle improves liver function, reducing incidence and severity of jaundice.


It is high in Vitamin C to ensure that the dietary iron is absorbed properly, helping reduce anemia.


In its fresh form Nettle's very high levels of Vitamin K increase levels in mother and baby, increasing clotting factor for birth.


In helping tone the muscle function it reduces occurrences of the intensity of hemorrhoids.



Other uses for Nettle:


Nettle is extremely helpful in the treatment of eczema and rashes seen in newborns.


It has also been used for some time to restore kidney function, including serious failure that has threatened dialysis.


Improving filtration of waste product, Nettle assists in the elimination of edema. Toning the entire urinary tract helps reduce and often eliminate cystitis. 


And has proven successful in the treatment of allergy and hay fever symptoms.




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