Alfalfa contains: Extremely high in fully digestible protein and bioflavonoids, calcium, magnesium, phosphorus, potassium, chlorophyll, biotin, choline, inositol, iron, PABA, sodium, sulfur, tryptophan, carotene, zinc, Vitamin B complex including B12, C, E, G, P, and U.

It is extremely high in Vitamin K



Alfalfa is one of the richest mineral foods in the world!!!


Its roots grow as deep as 130 degrees into the ground allowing it to reach minerals not available at higher levels. 


There is no herb that is considered more valuable than Alfalfa or that has had a long a recorded history. 


Working on every organ and system in the body.


Alfalfa is a herb used as a base in virtually all restorative formulas. 


In pregnancy, Alfalfa has been found very useful in treating anemia.


It is an outstanding liver cleanser and thus also purges toxins and eliminating jaundice.


It is one of the very few supplements recommended by pediatricians for mothers to use during pregnancy as it has proved successful in helping load the pre-born baby's system with

Vitamin K. 


It is a toning agent to the intestines and urinary tract system. 


It improves the peristaltic action of the bowels, improving colon disorders, strengthening the bladder and urethra.


Recurring bladder infections and high levels of StrepB in the vaginal are thought to be in part, a reaction to high levels of yeast in the bladder, colon, and vagina. 


Alfalfa contains anti-fungal properties and is helpful with all yeast symptoms.


The quite high levels of tryptophan are known to help improve sleep patterns. Studies have begun to show that this ability is passed onto the newborn.


Alfalfa alkalinizes the body, neutralizing uric acid it improved kidney function and reduces edema.


In the childbearing year, it is this unique alkalinizing quality of alfalfa that makes it so very desirable.


Clearing all the debris from a mother's body goes a long way to help maintain strength and vigor during the 40+ long weeks of pregnancy.


After a month of continuous use, women regularly claim that their bowel movements are normal and their digestion has stabilized.


The common aches and pains of pregnancy are either completely gone or greatly improved.


It contains 8 enzymes known to promote a chemical reaction that enables food to be assimilated properly. 


This balancing in digesting helps eliminate indigestion, nausea, stomach ulcers and gastritis. 


It acts as a healthy appetite stimulate. 


It has been used with great success in general for cleansing for entire body detoxification. 


High in antioxidants, it helps pull free-radicals from the body, toning and nourishing all systems as it strips away harmful impurities.


Other uses:

Alfalfa has been studied extensively for its extraordinary benefits in treating cancer, especially breast, colon and ovarian. 


With its rich minerals, it has been successful in helping restore the normal range of motion in arthritis and joints. 


Alfalfa lowers cholesterol levels, which in turns reduces high blood pressure. 


Recent studies indicate that Alfalfa taken over long periods of time can help prevent osteoporosis, fibrocystic breast disease, polycystic ovaries, fibroids and other estrogen-based disorders.


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