Organic Herbal Teas

Unlike pills, liquids are a natural food for the body

and are a great deal easier to digest


$18.99 + FREE Shipping

$18.99 + FREE Shipping


While there may come a time when additional supplements in the form of a pill or concentrates are needed for your well-being, this blend is generally all most women find they need beyond good diet, exercise, rest, and love. 


Explore both the pregnancy and postpartum teas and the description of each herb, how it helps and why it has been chosen. 


If you have never been a coffee or tea drinker this infusion may seem very strange to you. However, you can always change the flavor by adding honey or lemon to it. 


It is recommended that you drink 2 quarts (8 cups) of liquids per day.


This quart of tea plus another of water will provide you with the 2 needed quarts of fluid

per day.


View the Pregnancy Tea Here and the Postpartum Tea Here!!!


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